Marine Engineering

overhauling of air compressor by third engineer
Nobody starts as an expert, everybody came from the starting line in doubt, with too many queries and with little Read more
Inert Gas System Diagram
As we progress towards innovation in the late 1960s, the size of oil tankers rapidly increased due to high demands, Read more
continuous drip feed sampler during bunkering on ships
Vessels consume a hefty amount of fuel every day especially when it is under voyage. Hence, it is necessary to Read more
Example of PV breaker onboard VLCC size oil tanker
Just like most of the equipment, tanks do also have some limited pressure range to be followed for it not Read more
offshore wind turbine on the landscape
Offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. This type of renewable energy is growing Read more
3 Different Types of Rudders On A Ship
Have you ever wondered why every ship has rudders? Why isn't the ship's bow (the forward part) equipped with a Read more
Lift boat, Offshore Supply vessel, and fishing trawler in Legoland
Although LEGO sets were initially known to be popular construction toys for kids, most adults have fallen in love with Read more
How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Make
When it comes to dangerous day jobs, there probably isn’t a list that isn’t complete without workers who are stationed Read more
Just like government entities governing rules for citizens, certain laws govern the rules for ships and offshore structures which are Read more
We've all wondered how much a ship weighs and may have come across phrases like gross tonnage, net tonnage, displacement, Read more
Design Approval for Hyundai Heavy Industry Hi-Rotor
The Rotor sail was named after the German aviation engineer and inventor Anton Flettner, who started developing the rotor sail Read more
aft peak tank diagram
Have you ever wondered what the interior of a commercial ship hull looks like? What might be the different subdivisions, Read more
ship in dry dock
The efficiency of a ship is determined by how well all the ship's machinery and operating systems are maintained. To Read more
Sewage is a very smelly topic if left undiscussed. This article will help you understand how the maritime industry handles Read more
Exhaust Gas Boiler
How many tons of water do ships boil off to make enough steam aboard? Where do they get this amount Read more
Reverse type stern of a ship
The stern can be defined as the aftmost section of a vessel. It is the backmost part of a vessel Read more
ship in dry dock
The keel of a boat is an essential part of the structure of a vessel. It keeps the vessel stable Read more
One aspect of a ship that needs additional consideration during design and construction is the hull. In the development of Read more
One of the many tough decisions sometimes required to be taken by shipmasters is deliberately grounding a ship, an act Read more
Ro-ro vessel loading and discharging ramp
The production of automobiles has become an increasingly worldwide business, which has led to a growth in the demand for Read more
Maritime transport, by definition, involves many different arrangements at the various ports of call of a ship. Because of the Read more
big container ship in port
Ships are among the oldest means of transport in the world. Although they are associated with transporting goods, modern ships Read more
Containership as option to work on merchant vessel
The term decarbonization simply means removing carbon dioxide and in the maritime industry, decarbonization focuses on moving away from traditional Read more
Bulwarks can be defined as the extension of side shell plating above the level of the weather deck which serves Read more
Autonomous Cargo Vessels MV Yara Birkeland on her voyage
Autonomous cargo vessels also called Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) are those vessels that are not manned by the crew Read more
MV Hagland Pioneer - Hybrid Battery Powered Dry Bulk Carrier - Great example of Renewable Energy Options in Shipping Industry
In the beginning, during the mid-19th century, primary shipping propulsion began with the renewable energy option - sail power. Then Read more
Future Technologies In The Maritime Industry
While diving into the future technologies in the maritime industry let's implement what exactly it stands for. The technological future Read more
MV Vassos at shipyard
Ship launching is a highly detail-driven and extremely labor-intrinsic division falling under the entire process of ship construction. To this Read more
Oil Fired and Exhaust Gas Composite Boiler on bulk carrier
A boiler, in a simple and broad sense, is a large container used to boil off water and create steam. Read more
MV Vassos at shipyard
Shipbuilding is a detailed process that involves the complex design and production aspects. There are a set of stages followed Read more
Oil Fired and Exhaust Gas Composite Boiler on bulk carrier
Have you ever wondered what are the different equipment attached to a boiler to keep it running safely and efficiently? Read more
Exhaust Gas Economizer
In order to utilize the waste heat or exhaust gas that is coming from the main engine, exhaust gas economizers Read more
Steering Geat At Coaster Size Bulker
The telemotor in steering gear is a hydraulic control system consisting of a receiver, transmitter, pipes, and a charging unit. Read more
Steering geat at coaster size bulker
A steering gear system is a group of equipment working together for the sole purpose of providing direction for the Read more
Marine gearbox
The marine gearbox is almost similar to what we can find in automobiles. As the name suggests, it is housed Read more
Bedplates are the one that supports the whole weight of the engine. It is located at the lowermost part of Read more
Ships are one of the largest examples of human engineering seen on our planet. Having been around for centuries, the Read more
Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Throughout history, man has used ocean resources to supplement those found on land. From the relentless hunt for the giant Read more
Containership as option to work on merchant vessel
Have you ever dreamed of a life at sea, seeing nothing but the ocean in all directions and visiting exotic Read more
Do ships have parking brakes? Of course, they do! Ships cannot be secured at the pier without mooring winches. These Read more
Have you ever seen a ship? Have you ever wondered what the heavy equipment mounted on it? Well, they are Read more
A waste oil incinerator is equipped onboard so that sludges that are accumulated can be burned and incinerated in order Read more
By supplying enough amount of fresh air inside the cylinder for the next cycle, proper combustion of fuel/air ratio can Read more
The shipping industry plays a crucial role in transporting goods from production points to consumers. Some products are perishable and Read more
Various safety devices are fitted for the safety of the crankcase. They play an active role in the safety and Read more
Maritime Mean?
When speaking about the history of colonial empires or explorations that circumnavigate the globe, there are a few words that Read more
Ship main engine in engine room
Ever wonder how the ship maintains its desired speed and course to meet both the charterer's and the owner's timetable? Read more
Freshwater generators are the kind of equipment installed onboard, that produces distilled water mainly for the ship’s consumption, whether it Read more
Boiler water treatment is the process of treating/conditioning the water so that the boilers onboard will be protected from scale Read more
Bulbous Bow of a ship
The foremost part of a vessel is called the bow of a ship. The first thing anyone notices when a Read more
Different Parts Of Ship And Its Function
Have you ever wondered about the materials used to construct ships or about the ship's primary components? A ship is Read more
An eductor is the name of a pump that uses the venturi effect during a pumping operation. This is a Read more
Cargo ships are classified according to their sizes as well as the fuel they can carry. For instance, Panamax size Read more
Frame of fuel oil purifier
Fuels are the lifeblood of marine diesel engines. With fuel problems that may occur on board, cargo and shipments will Read more
Bilge water well in the cargo hold
The bilge system is provided in the ship to remove bilge water from the ship’s dry compartments in emergencies. The Read more
Marine Growth Prevention Systems
Vessels are floating power plants on the sea and the marine growth prevention system is vital for continuous operations. This Read more
Example of MGO, HFO, and MDO appearance onboard
Ships rely on fuel products in order to sail and deliver cargoes and shipments around the world. Marine engines are Read more
Propeller shafts or in marine terminology also known as tail shafts are commonly found on the ship’s aft segment behind Read more
The merchant navy is a vital part of the global economy, transporting goods and materials around the world. Merchant ships Read more
International law requires ships to carry documents and certificates attesting to their compliance with various international conventions. The documents and Read more
Kamsarmax dry bulk carrier MV Vassos at the shipyard
At any point pondered remaining close to a port or a marina, contemplating a large number of delightful motor yachts, Read more
The materials utilized in the field of boat building have advanced during the times from the most common unrefined components Read more
Ever wondered how a massive structure like a cruise ship doesn’t tip over even though having a huge volume outside Read more
Brake Power Vs Indicated Power Of Internal Combustion Engine
The power output of an internal combustion engine is a crucial factor in determining its performance. Two of the most Read more
Kamsarmax dry bulk carrier MV Vassos at the shipyard
The Philippines is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia formed by around 7641 islands with a total land area Read more
The burner boilers mix up fuel and air to make complete combustion and make a high degree of combustion efficiency. Read more
SUNY maritime college aerial photo (credits: SUNY Maritime College)
The marine environment plays a crucial role in making human life better. The equipment used in the marine world is Read more
Fastest Ship in the World HSC Francisco on her route between Buenos Aires and Montevideo
Ship transport is among the three main modes of transportation that are useful for large-scale transportation of goods and services Read more