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The program RaceSail for scoring sailboat races and regattas has been developed by Ed Mitchell, but lately was discontinued by Read more
Looking to find the perfect boat for fishing in the flats? Then you might find yourself looking at a microskiff. Read more
Righting  Concordia: Colossal Shipwreck Ready for Marine Salvage Operation
A critical component to avoiding environmental or economic damage during a marine catastrophe is the ability to respond swiftly and Read more
Containership Hyundai Fortune Caught In Fire
Risk is an important issue in the maritime industry because of the public's concern for several catastrophic accidents. While marine Read more
3 Different Types of Rudders On A Ship
Have you ever wondered why every ship has rudders? Why isn't the ship's bow (the forward part) equipped with a Read more
Carbon Fiber material
Can you identify the difference between and compare carbon fiber vs fiberglass? Contrary to what many people think, they are Read more
Typical Submarine Operations with a graphical explanation of what tanks are filled or emptied depending on desired trim.
The question of how submarines work might be like magic for the general public, no one can even imagine how Read more
Passenger ship SS Valencia wrecked on Vancouver Island
Anything can happen while on the sea, such as disasters, loss of life, and even ships becoming ghosts. There are Read more
AIDA Cruises ship with red lips on the bow
Although the term "she" is a pronoun commonly used by human beings, it is also used when referring to ships. Read more
RMS Titanic reconstruction steaming at sea
Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission statistics reveal that over three million shipwrecks are scattered on the ocean floor. On estimate, less than Read more
Deepest Points of the World's Oceans
The vast world's oceans hold unprecedented mysteries, among them being deep trenches. Ocean beds have valleys, plateaus, flatlands, and mountains, Read more
Why Is The Ocean Blue
As is the typical answer, the ocean appears to look blue, but as we all know if you have a Read more
What Is Needed For Steering Control On A PWC
PWCs, otherwise known as personal watercraft or even sometimes by the brand name Jet Ski, are very clever marine vehicles Read more
Do Sharks Make Noise
Sharks are perhaps some of the most feared animals in the ocean, maybe even the world. Being the subject of Read more
How Fast Is A Knot? This unit is used as a measurement of speed on ships and equals 1.15 statute miles.
On certain forms of transport, there is a chance that you have heard the term knot being referred to as Read more
How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Make
When it comes to dangerous day jobs, there probably isn’t a list that isn’t complete without workers who are stationed Read more
What Is Europe’s Busiest Cruise Port
Everybody loves to take a cruise now and then, because they offer the best of both worlds. You get the Read more
How Deep Is Lake Superior
When it comes to interesting bodies of water on Earth, Lake Superior is definitely one which comes up in conversation Read more
Do Pirates Still Exist
I’m going to ask you to close your eyes for a second, conjure the image of a pirate in your Read more
What Is Tubing
When it comes to water sports and activities, there will always be something new and interesting for you to experience Read more
Due to modern facilities and automation, a vessel will be equipped with various different advanced navigation equipment systems. Each of Read more
How Much Does A Cargo Ship Weigh
Shipping via cargo vessels is considered to be one of the best and safest modes of transportation for delicate goods Read more
If a vehicle treads water, it’s a boat. That’s why boats can come in so many shapes, sizes, and types, Read more
Marine gearbox
The marine gearbox is almost similar to what we can find in automobiles. As the name suggests, it is housed Read more
Ships carry a wide array of goods ranging from foodstuff, machinery, vehicles, oil, gas, and dry goods. At the port, Read more
Everyone loves the times of the year when they can relax and venture out on the open road, heading towards Read more
Simply put, the best way to avoid overloading your boat is to not load it beyond the limit US federal Read more
Bedplates are the one that supports the whole weight of the engine. It is located at the lowermost part of Read more
There are lots of different types of boats out there, but keeping track of all of them is a pretty Read more
Signaling for help is an important skill to learn no matter who you are, as it's impossible to predict when Read more
Gyrocompass with 32 points and degrees
If you are interested in maritime navigation, then chances are you have heard the term ‘boxing the compass.’ But what Read more
Boat safety is critical, which is why every vessel must have a personal flotation device (PFD) installed. There are several Read more
The Starcraft Islander is an offshore aluminum fishing boat, designed for the Great Lakes and for the coastal waters. While Read more
What Is A Neap Tide?
Down on the docks, a lot of different phrases and words get thrown around: port, starboard, fairway, lanyard, gunwale, tides. Read more
If you have just bought a boat or are thinking about buying one, the boating terminology can initially seem quite Read more
Lots of people like to spend time beside the water and many like to spend time in, or on, the Read more
Boat salvage yards can be a vital source of equipment and essential services for all boat owners. If you're looking Read more
Do you get the sense that your boat is gliding through the sea slowly? Something is preventing the propeller's power Read more
How Fast Can A Boat Go
What is the maximum speed of a boat? Everybody who has anything to do with boats or the marine industry, Read more
Maritime Mean?
When speaking about the history of colonial empires or explorations that circumnavigate the globe, there are a few words that Read more
cruise ship on route from oslo to kiel
The same name can be used by different shipowners and sometimes it makes some confusion when two ships with the Read more
Ship main engine in engine room
Ever wonder how the ship maintains its desired speed and course to meet both the charterer's and the owner's timetable? Read more
Example of a template of the Bill of Lading
A Bill of Lading is a binding legal document between the consigner and the carrier in the shipment of goods Read more
E-commerce accounts for close to 20% of all retail sales globally. We buy goods and services through the internet and Read more
Whenever you import some goods, whether as an individual or as an agent, there are other parties that are involved Read more
marine grade plywood sheets
I have used marine grade plywood many times for different projects including making wooden boats, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and docks Read more
At times you need to step away from your busy life and experience the scenic views of Hidden Harbor for Read more
Kamsarmax dry bulk carrier MV Vassos at the shipyard
The Philippines is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia formed by around 7641 islands with a total land area Read more
What is the best way to get started boating? Assume for a moment that you are interested in hiring a Read more
The burner boilers mix up fuel and air to make complete combustion and make a high degree of combustion efficiency. Read more
The ocean is vast and unpredictable. There are many things that can go wrong when navigating through the sea. If Read more
SUNY maritime college aerial photo (credits: SUNY Maritime College)
The marine environment plays a crucial role in making human life better. The equipment used in the marine world is Read more
Fastest Ship in the World HSC Francisco on her route between Buenos Aires and Montevideo
Ship transport is among the three main modes of transportation that are useful for large-scale transportation of goods and services Read more
Big Catch At Deep Sea Fishing Trip
I normally put on my protective gear when going for deep sea fishing. If you want to join this as Read more
When building boats and other structures that are going to go in the water, you need to use materials that Read more