Shipping Container Dimensions 20ft vs 40ft Size Comparison
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GOLDEN SCAPE Newcastlemax class bulk carrier
The Newcastlemax bulk carrier is a large vessel used to transport bulk cargo such as coal, iron ore, and grain Read more
Ship size diagram with Length Between Perpendiculars
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K Line LNG carrier - Moss type gas tanker
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Evergreen Ship Weighs - One of the Evergreen fleet Container ships - Ever Front
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overhauling of air compressor by third engineer
Nobody starts as an expert, everybody came from the starting line in doubt, with too many queries and with little Read more
Inert Gas System Diagram
As we progress towards innovation in the late 1960s, the size of oil tankers rapidly increased due to high demands, Read more
continuous drip feed sampler during bunkering on ships
Vessels consume a hefty amount of fuel every day especially when it is under voyage. Hence, it is necessary to Read more
Extension alarm systems of UMS or Unmanned Machinery System on ship
Engine room watchkeeping is a continuous way for the watch to monitor and attend to the engine room and be Read more
Example of PV breaker onboard VLCC size oil tanker
Just like most of the equipment, tanks do also have some limited pressure range to be followed for it not Read more
offshore wind turbine on the landscape
Offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. This type of renewable energy is growing Read more
Ship Detention Procedure and List of Common Reasons
Port State Control (PSC) refers to the inspections and regulations that port states employ on foreign ships entering their own Read more
Well trimmed cargo in hold of dry bulk carrier. Cargo is being discharged, but leveled cargo can be clearly seen in forward part of the hold.
A major requirement during the carriage of goods at sea is that the carriage should be done in a way Read more
Armed Guard Protecting Merchant Ships at Highest Security Levels
In the wake of the 9/11 attack in the United States, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed the International Ship Read more
Cargo ships are an essential part of international trade, transporting goods all over the world. There are many different types Read more
The program RaceSail for scoring sailboat races and regattas has been developed by Ed Mitchell, but lately was discontinued by Read more
Safe Speed of A Ship corresponds and is regulated by COLREG Rule 6
Speed is an important characteristic of a ship. It impacts a ship’s economic performance as well as her ability to Read more
Passage Planning on The Nautical Chart
A ship's primary function is to transport goods and passengers from one port to another. This operation requires proper knowledge, Read more
Ship Chartering Proces
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Sea Pilot Boarding a Ship at Port of Cherbourg
The practice of shipmasters using experts with local knowledge to safely guide them when entering or leaving ports, or navigating Read more
Righting  Concordia: Colossal Shipwreck Ready for Marine Salvage Operation
A critical component to avoiding environmental or economic damage during a marine catastrophe is the ability to respond swiftly and Read more
Containership Hyundai Fortune Caught In Fire
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Waterjet Propulsion On Small Vessels
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What Is A Poopdeck On Ship
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boat hull types
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3 Different Types of Rudders On A Ship
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Carbon Fiber material
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Typical Submarine Operations with a graphical explanation of what tanks are filled or emptied depending on desired trim.
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Ship Bridge of Tanker Vessel - Steering And Engine Layouts On The Bridge
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Twin Engine Pontoon Boat on the lake
Pontoon boats have changed their perception from being humble float-boat to high-speed vessels that can reach speeds up to over Read more
Cargo Manifest in Shipping form
Paperwork is essential to transport and trading, and shipping follows suit. A cargo manifest in shipping is used to keep Read more
Lift boat, Offshore Supply vessel, and fishing trawler in Legoland
Although LEGO sets were initially known to be popular construction toys for kids, most adults have fallen in love with Read more
Passenger ship SS Valencia wrecked on Vancouver Island
Anything can happen while on the sea, such as disasters, loss of life, and even ships becoming ghosts. There are Read more
AIDA Cruises ship with red lips on the bow
Although the term "she" is a pronoun commonly used by human beings, it is also used when referring to ships. Read more
RMS Titanic reconstruction steaming at sea
Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission statistics reveal that over three million shipwrecks are scattered on the ocean floor. On estimate, less than Read more
Deepest Points of the World's Oceans
The vast world's oceans hold unprecedented mysteries, among them being deep trenches. Ocean beds have valleys, plateaus, flatlands, and mountains, Read more
Why Is The Ocean Blue
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What Is Needed For Steering Control On A PWC
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Do Sharks Make Noise
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How Fast Is A Knot? This unit is used as a measurement of speed on ships and equals 1.15 statute miles.
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What Is Tubing
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NAVTEX Receiver as part of GMDSS equipmnet
Navigating the high seas has become much safer and easier because of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. It Read more
ETA & ETD in Shipping
In maritime transport, it is often difficult to accurately determine the time of arrival or even departure of a vessel Read more
ship crew members receive provision
To operate the vessel properly, a minimum number of crew members is required. The number varies depending on the factors Read more
ship red painting below the waterline
Ships traveling through water create resistance to their forward motion. This resistance is called drag and is caused by the Read more
Maersk Bentonville - Down by the head
Ships operate in a liquid medium- water, which means their profile in the water they operate in determines how they Read more
Cargo Hatch Covers
An implied condition for the safe carriage of goods at sea is that such cargoes shall be delivered, as far Read more
Forward Draft or Draught of the Ship
A ship’s ability to navigate safely through a particular area of water depends on how the ship “sits” in the Read more
Ship with full deck timber cargo
According to Naval architects, ships must always be capable of dealing with a wide range of external and internal factors Read more
The construction and functionality of maritime boats and offshore constructions are governed by and upheld by the ship classification society, Read more
Just like government entities governing rules for citizens, certain laws govern the rules for ships and offshore structures which are Read more
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Ship Hull Markings
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Design Approval for Hyundai Heavy Industry Hi-Rotor
The Rotor sail was named after the German aviation engineer and inventor Anton Flettner, who started developing the rotor sail Read more