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Deepest Points of the World's Oceans

10 Deepest Points of the World’s Oceans

The vast world’s oceans hold unprecedented mysteries, among them being deep trenches. Ocean beds have valleys, plateaus, flatlands, and mountains, similar to the earth’s surface. Such features have led to the deepness of the world’s oceans, most of which haven’t been explored. The trenches are created when shifting tectonic plates slip below other plates. These …

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Why Is The Ocean Blue

Why Is The Ocean Blue?

As is the typical answer, the ocean appears to look blue, but as we all know if you have a smaller quantity of water, in a glass for example, it will be clear and not even have a blue tinge. So why is it that when you look at the ocean, that the water looks …

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What Is Needed For Steering Control On A PWC

What Is Needed For Steering Control On A PWC?

PWCs, otherwise known as personal watercraft or even sometimes by the brand name Jet Ski, are very clever marine vehicles that utilize a pump and an impeller to channel and pressurize the water beneath you for propulsion. But without the rudder found on traditional watercraft, it’s not always clear how their steering system works. They’re …

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Do Sharks Make Noise

Do Sharks Make Noise?

Sharks are perhaps some of the most feared animals in the ocean, maybe even the world. Being the subject of countless horror and action movies and series, sharks are often painted as mindless, bloodthirsty creatures. However, sharks are far from this popular depiction, with many having no interest in humans unless either starving or provoked. …

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How Fast Is A Knot? This unit is used as a measurement of speed on ships and equals 1.15 statute miles.

How Fast Is A Knot?

On certain forms of transport, there is a chance that you have heard the term knot being referred to as a unit used to measure speed. You will most commonly hear knots being used when you are on a ship. However, this speed measurement is nearly always used on methods of transportation that are not …

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How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Make

How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Make?

When it comes to dangerous day jobs, there probably isn’t a list that isn’t complete without workers who are stationed on an oil rig. From handling dangerous equipment to falling hazards, there is a lot about working on these installations that can be a hazard to your health. However, those risks are more often than …

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What Is Europe’s Busiest Cruise Port

What Is Europe’s Busiest Cruise Port?

Everybody loves to take a cruise now and then, because they offer the best of both worlds. You get the luxury and relaxation of being aboard the ship on the open seas, and then you also get to experience a variety of different locations and local cultures thanks to its many stops.  However, cruises can …

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How Deep Is Lake Superior

How Deep Is Lake Superior?

When it comes to interesting bodies of water on Earth, Lake Superior is definitely one which comes up in conversation frequently. This is seen as one of the greatest lakes in North America, and there are plenty of rumors and myths surrounding it which keep it a hot topic of conversation.  One of the most …

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Do Pirates Still Exist

Do Pirates Still Exist?

I’m going to ask you to close your eyes for a second, conjure the image of a pirate in your brain, and then open them again. Okay, do it now. What did you see? I’m going to guess it was the image of a man with a dirty face and some facial hair. He probably …

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What Is Tubing

What Is Tubing?

When it comes to water sports and activities, there will always be something new and interesting for you to experience and try out. While it is great if you have found one thing which you love and want to stick out, it is always good to try new things and see what they have to …

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