Marine Engineering

The bilge system is provided in the ship to remove bilge water from the ship’s dry compartments in emergencies. The major uses of the system are for cleaning water and Read more
Vessels are floating power plants on the sea and the marine growth prevention system is vital for continuous operations. This enormous powerplant is a composite of different systems that is Read more
Ships rely on fuel products in order to sail and deliver cargo and shipments around the world. Marine engines are known for using low-grade fuel products as they cost cheaper Read more
Propeller shafts or in marine terminology also known as tail shafts are commonly found on the ship’s aft segment behind the ship’s propulsion. It is a round metal fixture attached Read more
The merchant navy is a vital part of the global economy, transporting goods and materials around the world. Merchant ships are operated by commercial shipping companies and are used to Read more
International law requires ships to carry documents and certificates attesting to their compliance with various international conventions. The documents and certificates, as well as the equipment and systems they attest Read more
At any point pondered remaining close to a port or a marina, contemplating a large number of delightful motor yachts, sailboats, powerboats, enormous passenger vessels, and containers, what’s the science Read more
The materials utilized in the field of boat building have advanced during the times from the most common unrefined components accessible in nature like wood to the latest cutting-edge composites Read more
Ever wondered how a massive structure like a cruise ship doesn’t tip over even though having a huge volume outside of the water compared to what’s below the water? So, Read more
The power output of an internal combustion engine is a crucial factor in determining its performance. Two of the most commonly used methods for measuring this power output are indicated Read more
The Philippines is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia formed by around 7641 islands with a total land area of 342,353 Km2 it has a deep origin in shipping, Read more
The burner boilers mix up fuel and air to make complete combustion and make a high degree of combustion efficiency. The burner in a boiler is considered the most critical Read more
The marine environment plays a crucial role in making human life better. The equipment used in the marine world is constantly advancing technologically, and this calls for skilled personnel to Read more
Ship transport is among the three main modes of transportation that are useful for large-scale transportation of goods and services around the world. In business, about 75% of goods are Read more

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