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Ships are among the oldest means of transport in the world. Although they are associated with transporting goods, modern ships are equipped to offer passengers and the crew a memorable travel experience. Most of the ships today are about 1000 feet long and carry close to 6000 passengers on average. Do we have ships bigger than these? Yes, there are ships more than 1500 ft long with over 9000 passenger capacity.

The biggest ship in the world in 2024 is the FLNG Prelude. The 1600ft long is situated in Australia, in the NW region. It synthesizes natural gas (floating liquefied natural gas) to feed the Asian market. Prelude is owned by Royal Dutch Shell and weighs over 0.6 million tons.

In this article, we have outlined some of the biggest ships in the world and their fascinating features. The ships here are selected based on their length height and passenger capacity.

Prelude the FLNG Producer

Launched towards the end of 2013 in South Korea by the Dutch Shell Company, Prelude is the longest cargo ship in 2022. Technip Samsung built it to produce and transport liquid petroleum gas and liquid natural gas. It is situated on the west coast of Australia and transports gas mainly to the Asian market.

The famous LNG producer is about 1600ft long and weighs up to 0.6 million tons. It is approximately 344 ft high with a 74m long beam. Prelude has suffered fire tragedies multiple times, forcing it to close its operation. Luckily, none of its crews have been caught in the fires, mainly caused by electric power hitches and the volatility and flammability of LNG and LPG.

The last case of a fire outbreak was in December 2021, which arose from an electrical utility, but the 200-member crew soon contained it.

Due to its size and purposes, this ship is very slow and designed to remain most of its lifespan in the same position. The speed record belongs to the High-Speed Catamaran Francisco. If interested, then follow the link about the world’s fastest ship, but we move on to the next giant!

MT Seawise Giant

Launched almost five decades ago by Sumitomo Industries, Seawise Giant has been given many names describing different occurrences. At its inception, it was named Seawise Giant. In 1988, during the Iran –Iraq war, she suffered the effect of missiles and was severely damaged. The scrape of the ship was revived in 1989 by the Norwegian consortium and given the name Jahre Viking. 

It started losing value in 2004 when Olsen Tankers bought it and named it MT Knock Nevis. About half a decade later, Alangosiya Yards acquired it and called it MT Monk. 

It is a ship that has undergone many transformations. 

MT Seawise Giant could displace over 600000 tons, loaded and transported crude oils. Its cargo tanks carried over 0.5million tons of oil and are slightly over 1505 ft long.

Symphony of the Sea

Symphony of the Sea is a Royal Caribbean international-owned passenger ship. It has cruised along the Caribbean since its launch in 2014. Symphony is the largest cruise ship and carries about 6400 passengers.

The classic cruise is 1182 ft long and can displace 300000 tons. It has one of the largest crews, 2200 and 15 decks, and restaurants and pools. 

Symphony is ideal for family cruises since it has children’s play facilities such as ball games. Therefore, if you want to enjoy cruising with children, this is a preferable option.  

This cruise is energy efficient and recycles waste energy from the engines using steam.

Symphony cruises across the Caribbean for seven days and is ideal for your occasional vacation with family and friends.

Pioneering Spirit

This unique twin-hulled vessel formerly named Pieter Schelteis is the largest construction vessel in the world. This catamaran crane vessel was designed for the single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines.

A new approach to ship design and the huge sizes of Pioneering Spirit made possible record-breaking operations. She holds the world record for an offshore lift – the single-lift removal of Shell’s 24,000 t Brent Delta platform topsides from the North Sea.

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Pierre Guillaumat

Pierre is a crude oil tanker incepted in 1977 by Elf oil industries. It got its name from the founder – Pierre Guillaumat. It is about 1500 ft long and displaces up to 700000 tons. It is one of the heaviest ships globally and has gotten to some accidents because of the massive volume of oil it carried and its large size. It transported oil along the Persian Gulf at the coast of Qatar.

CSCL Globe

The China shipping container lines globe was constructed by the Hyundai shipyard and came into operation in 2014. It is about 1312 ft long and is the world’s largest container ship.

Hyundai heavy industries constructed five similar container ships, all called CSCL Globe. Each identical vessels have a volume of 18500twenty foot equivalent units. 

CSCL globes are owned by China shipping container lines and transport containers in China, Malaysia, and the UK. The containers transported are mainly finished industrial goods ready for the international market.

Emma Maersk

Emma Maersk is a container ship launched in 2006 by the A.P.M Maersk group. It was built in Denmark at the Lind Yard. The group constructed eight identical ships about 1305 ft long. It is the second largest container ship after CSCL globes and has a capacity of about 12000 twenty-foot equivalent units. This E-class container ship has a tonnage of 55000 NT. 

The female-named ship got its name from the late founder’s wife Emma Maersk and was once featured as the mighty ship. 

Emma Maersk is a super container ship powered by the world’s engine and consumes lower amounts of fuel than other ships.  Its environmental degradation is minimal since it recycles most of its waste products.

It transports containers under the American Bureau of Shipping.

Are There Other Big Ships in the World Today?

There are many more ships today bigger than the average 1000 ft long ones. They are classified according to the cargo they transport and their limitations. For example, the largest cruise ship may be smaller than the largest oil tanker or container ship.

Limitations of Big Ships

Most big ships are heavy and wide, making them prone to accidents and difficulties while cruising. This has led to frequent cases of accidents among them.

Final Thoughts

Ships undergo constant modification as engineers develop new ideas, and the biggest ship currently may not be the biggest tomorrow. The bigger ships with modern technology have made transporting goods from industries to all parts of the world faster and more efficient.

Also, cruise ships have made vacations more fascinating as they offer ample facilities to cruisers and strategic views of natural scenes while cruising.

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