ship red painting below the waterline
Ships traveling through water create resistance to their forward motion. This resistance is called drag and is caused by the Read more
Maersk Bentonville - Down by the head
Ships operate in a liquid medium- water, which means their profile in the water they operate in determines how they Read more
Cargo Hatch Covers
An implied condition for the safe carriage of goods at sea is that such cargoes shall be delivered, as far Read more
Forward Draft or Draught of the Ship
A ship’s ability to navigate safely through a particular area of water depends on how the ship “sits” in the Read more
Ship with full deck timber cargo
According to Naval architects, ships must always be capable of dealing with a wide range of external and internal factors Read more
The construction and functionality of maritime boats and offshore constructions are governed by and upheld by the ship classification society, Read more
Just like government entities governing rules for citizens, certain laws govern the rules for ships and offshore structures which are Read more
We've all wondered how much a ship weighs and may have come across phrases like gross tonnage, net tonnage, displacement, Read more
Ship Hull Markings
You might have spotted the symbolic representation and alphabet regardless of their dimensions and location on different vessels. These ship Read more
Design Approval for Hyundai Heavy Industry Hi-Rotor
The Rotor sail was named after the German aviation engineer and inventor Anton Flettner, who started developing the rotor sail Read more
aft peak tank diagram
Have you ever wondered what the interior of a commercial ship hull looks like? What might be the different subdivisions, Read more
What Is Anchoring In Deep Water
Ship anchoring is one of the ship’s critical operations. This is being performed either in shallow or deep water. Anchoring Read more
Maritime Radar On Navigational Bridge
Though marine radars are indispensable equipment on the bridge, it still has their own limitations. Knowing this allows the Officer Read more
Every ship is required by international law to be registered in a country known as its flag state. Flag of Read more
Enclosed Space Entry
Despite the fact that the risks associated with entry into enclosed spaces on ships are well known and discussed extensively Read more
ship in dry dock
The efficiency of a ship is determined by how well all the ship's machinery and operating systems are maintained. To Read more
Top 5 LED Boat Headlights
There are few things as peaceful as spending time on a boat. And when you’re doing so on glassy waters Read more
Sea transport has been the primary mode of transport for international trade for centuries and remains a popular mode of Read more
Port State Control and MoU
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), 1994, Regulation 90, grants the right to all states Read more
Sewage is a very smelly topic if left undiscussed. This article will help you understand how the maritime industry handles Read more
Exhaust Gas Boiler
How many tons of water do ships boil off to make enough steam aboard? Where do they get this amount Read more
Reverse type stern of a ship
The stern can be defined as the aftmost section of a vessel. It is the backmost part of a vessel Read more
Sailing catamaran in harbor
Catamarans are boats with two connected hulls that are joined by a bridge. Because they are faster, more stable, and Read more
Ship drawing with draft marks
The LCB, the longitudinal center of buoyancy, and the LCF, the longitudinal center of flotation play a huge role in Read more
ship in dry dock
The keel of a boat is an essential part of the structure of a vessel. It keeps the vessel stable Read more
Powerboats and Motorboats 2.JPG Powerboats and Motorboats
New technologies are being developed and implemented so as to make the rides much faster and safer. Power boats and Read more
One aspect of a ship that needs additional consideration during design and construction is the hull. In the development of Read more
Stepped Hull of SeaVee 450Z
Stepped hulls are those hulls that have either a transversal or longitudinal break on the hull bottom called steps, which Read more
Due to modern facilities and automation, a vessel will be equipped with various different advanced navigation equipment systems. Each of Read more
How Much Does A Cargo Ship Weigh
Shipping via cargo vessels is considered to be one of the best and safest modes of transportation for delicate goods Read more
ship crew members receive provision
The task of ship’s store replenishment appeared with the commencement of navigation thousands of years ago. With the increase in Read more
One of the many tough decisions sometimes required to be taken by shipmasters is deliberately grounding a ship, an act Read more
Ro-ro vessel loading and discharging ramp
The production of automobiles has become an increasingly worldwide business, which has led to a growth in the demand for Read more
Maritime transport, by definition, involves many different arrangements at the various ports of call of a ship. Because of the Read more
Ships float higher in saltwater
Merchant ships are purposely built to carry cargo, but for safety reasons, there is a need to set a legal Read more
Ship’s Bosun Discussing Daily Job with Chief Officer
Seafarers hold a variety of professions and ranks, and each of these roles carries unique responsibilities, which are integral to Read more
big container ship in port
Ships are among the oldest means of transport in the world. Although they are associated with transporting goods, modern ships Read more
Signal Flags on Sailing Ship
Nautical flags can have an array of meanings as they are being used and displayed onboard. It can be used Read more
The importance of International Shore Connection can’t only be appreciated for normal use but for emergency purposes and when the Read more
Hand flares - pyrotechnics on ships
Pyrotechnics is an important part of life-saving equipment onboard. It may prove useful in the event of an emergency. There Read more
Ever Alot – The World Largest Container Ship
The need to transport goods in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner by avoiding delays in ports and optimizing the Read more
MV Hagland Pioneer - Hybrid Battery Powered Dry Bulk Carrier - Great example of Renewable Energy Options and steps performed toward Decarbonization Shipping Industry And Maritime Transport
The term decarbonization shipping industry simply means removing carbon dioxide and in the maritime industry, decarbonization focuses on moving away Read more
Bulwarks can be defined as the extension of side shell plating above the level of the weather deck which serves Read more
Autonomous Cargo Vessels MV Yara Birkeland on her voyage
Autonomous cargo vessels also called Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) are those vessels that are not manned by the crew Read more
MV Hagland Pioneer - Hybrid Battery Powered Dry Bulk Carrier - Great example of Renewable Energy Options and steps performed toward Decarbonization Shipping Industry And Maritime Transport
In the beginning, during the mid-19th century, primary shipping propulsion began with the renewable energy option - sail power. Then Read more
Future Technologies In The Maritime Industry
While diving into the future technologies in the maritime industry let's implement what exactly it stands for. The technological future Read more
MV Vassos at shipyard
Ship launching is a highly detail-driven and extremely labor-intrinsic division falling under the entire process of ship construction. To this Read more
Catamarans and monohulls are two vessels that have distinct features from each other. Catamarans have two hulls connected by a Read more
Shipboard cargo damage can occur for several reasons. These include accidents caused by moisture, flooding, or rainwater. Moisture damage, however, Read more
Oil Fired and Exhaust Gas Composite Boiler on bulk carrier
A boiler, in a simple and broad sense, is a large container used to boil off water and create steam. Read more
If you own, rent, or lease a boat, make sure the bottom is painted, especially in cold climates where the Read more
MV Vassos at shipyard
Shipbuilding is a detailed process that involves the complex design and production aspects. There are a set of stages followed Read more
Oil Fired and Exhaust Gas Composite Boiler on bulk carrier
Have you ever wondered what are the different equipment attached to a boiler to keep it running safely and efficiently? Read more
Exhaust Gas Economizer
In order to utilize the waste heat or exhaust gas that is coming from the main engine, exhaust gas economizers Read more
Steering Geat At Coaster Size Bulker
The telemotor in steering gear is a hydraulic control system consisting of a receiver, transmitter, pipes, and a charging unit. Read more
Steering geat at coaster size bulker
A steering gear system is a group of equipment working together for the sole purpose of providing direction for the Read more
Self-right boat diagram: Upright Condition diagram
The center of gravity and the center of buoyancy are both theoretical points in an object. Both these points are Read more
MOL Comfort container ship breaks in two parts
Parametric rolling is a dynamic instability caused due to combination of various factors when a vessel is in motion. A Read more
The Williamson Turn Diagram
Manoverboard occurs when a person falls in the water while working, being washed by big waves, or because of a Read more
If a vehicle treads water, it’s a boat. That’s why boats can come in so many shapes, sizes, and types, Read more