Best Fishing Rod Holders for Pontoon Boats



Pontoon boats‘ best fishing rod holder should be durable, strong enough to hold big fish and have a 360-degree adjustment angle. Additionally, ensure that the rod holder is compatible with numerous fishing rods. Lastly, go for fishing rod holders made of anti-corrosion materials like ABS to prevent the probability of rusting and breaking.

Selecting the right fishing rod holder for your pontoon boat may seem daunting, with numerous options on the market. However, worry less as this article will be your guide. You will discover what to look for in a fishing rod holder. Additionally, we shall review some of the best fishing rod holders for pontoon boats that you can buy.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Rod Holders for Pontoon Boats

Buying a rod holder may not be as straightforward as you may wish. You need to have some basic knowledge of the features of fishing rods to make the best buying decision. Some rod holders may look attractive but may break easily.

When shopping for a fishing rod holder, you need to check on various components. The following are some of the components to check when looking for the best fishing rod holder for your pontoon boat: strength, adjustment angle, compatibility, and material.

Best Fishing Rod Holders for Pontoon Boats in 2024

Here are the options of the best fishing rod holders for your pontoon boat. Check and compare to find an option that suits your needs best:

1.   Eagle-Claw AABRH Clamp-on Rod Holder

Eagle Claw AABRH Clamp-On Aluminum Boat Rod Holder, Black Finish

Eagle-Claw AABRH is by far the best rod holder you can mount on your pontoon boat. What makes Eagle-Claw one of the best is the following:  

  • Made of high-impact plastic, which is anti-corrosive.
  • Possible to make a 360-degree adjustment.
  • Adjusts 90-degrees vertically.

This clamp-on holder is durable, sturdy, and made of plastic that does not rust or corrodes. Though it is made of plastic, the Eagle-Claw rod holder is heavy-duty and will withstand even bigger fish. Additionally, it is versatile and can hold all rod types up to 1.375.”

What’s more interesting about the Eagle-Claw AABRH is that you can use it to hold trolling rods. This clamp-on holder won’t break the adjusters or dislodge the clamps, even with a trolling rod. Besides, it only goes for about $25, which is pocket-friendly.

Don’t forget to check for better deals on eBay and Walmart.

2.   Scotty Square-Rail Mount Rod Holder

Scotty #243-BK Square Rail Mount

If you have been into fishing for some time, you’ve probably heard about Scotty. Scotty is well known for manufacturing reliable products that last long. Are you looking for an easy-to-use rod holder? You can install this Scotty rod holder in less than two minutes without drilling holes.

This rod holder comes second after the Eagle-Claw AABRH because it does not rise as high as the Eagle-Claw. More so, you need a Philips screwdriver when tightening it. The other downside of the Scotty Rod holder is the lack of a quick-release button, making it timelier to remove your rod.

Don’t forget to check for better deals on eBay and Walmart.

3.   Brocraft Rod Holder with Aluminum Universal Clamp

Brocraft Power Lock Fully Adjustable Rod Holder with Aluminum Large Opening Clamp / Jon Boat Rod Holder / Clamp On Rod Holder

Though this rod holder is more expensive than the already-mentioned fishing rod holders, it has excellent features such as:

  • Super-strong rod holder with PVC-coated aluminum.
  • Compatible with pontoons and other boats like kayaks and powerboats.
  • Easy mounting capability.

The Brocraft Rod holder is among the best rod holders in sturdiness. This rod holder will withstand the power of large fish without breaking.

You do not expect it to rust since it is made of marine-grade anti-corrosive aluminum. The only disadvantage to this rod holder is that it can scratch the boat railing since it is metallic. To avoid this, insert rubber under it before clamping.

Don’t forget to check for better deals on eBay and Walmart.

1.   Strength

Everyone goes fishing with the hope of catching a big fish. Therefore, it is essential to purchase a strong rod holder that withstands more robust fish. You do not want to buy a weak rod holder that breaks when you catch strong fish.

When buying a fishing rod holder, go for the one that can withstand the force and weight of a ten-pound fish or more. Rod holders with lesser capability have a higher probability of breaking, leading to losses.

2.   Adjustment Angle

When you go fishing, you want a rod holder that you can adjust according to your needs. The best rod holder should give you a 360-degree adjustment angle.

With this flexibility, you can adjust the angles swiftly and catch your fish. Your selected rod holder should also be functional and with additional features that make it attractive and user-friendly.

3.   Compatibility

Before settling on any fishing rod holder, you should ensure it is compatible with your rod and boat. Some rod holders are compatible with any rails, whether square or round. On the other side, some holders will only clamp on a square or round railing.

You should also consider your rod’s width since not all rods can fit into any rod holder. If you usually use extra-thick fishing rods to catch heavy fish, you must ensure you get a rod holder that accommodates such wide rods.

4.   Material of the Fishing Rod Holder

Besides compatibility, you should also consider what material was used to make the fishing rod holder you desire to buy. If you are on budget and fishing in freshwater, you can go for nylon or fiberglass rod holders. Though they do not corrode, they are not strong to withstand heavy fish.

If you go fishing in salty water, fishing rod holders made of brass, aluminum zinc, or stainless steel are ideal. These materials are less corrosive than other metal rod holders.

The ideal fishing rod holder should be made of sturdy materials and do not rust or corrode after exposure to water. Therefore, consider a fishing rod holder with anti-corrosive material such as ABS to increase lifetime and decrease chances of breakage.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best fishing rod holder, don’t just go for the most-flashy piece. With all that I have discussed in this blog, it should help you find a great option for your boat.

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