Nautical Science

Twin Engine Pontoon Boat on the lake
Pontoon boats have changed their perception from being humble float-boat to high-speed vessels that can reach speeds up to over Read more
Cargo Manifest in Shipping form
Paperwork is essential to transport and trading, and shipping follows suit. A cargo manifest in shipping is used to keep Read more
Lift boat, Offshore Supply vessel, and fishing trawler in Legoland
Although LEGO sets were initially known to be popular construction toys for kids, most adults have fallen in love with Read more
Passenger ship SS Valencia wrecked on Vancouver Island
Anything can happen while on the sea, such as disasters, loss of life, and even ships becoming ghosts. There are Read more
AIDA Cruises ship with red lips on the bow
Although the term "she" is a pronoun commonly used by human beings, it is also used when referring to ships. Read more
RMS Titanic reconstruction steaming at sea
Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission statistics reveal that over three million shipwrecks are scattered on the ocean floor. On estimate, less than Read more
Deepest Points of the World's Oceans
The vast world's oceans hold unprecedented mysteries, among them being deep trenches. Ocean beds have valleys, plateaus, flatlands, and mountains, Read more
How Fast Is A Knot
On certain forms of transport there is a chance that you have heard the term knot being referred to as Read more
How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Make
When it comes to dangerous day jobs, there probably isn’t a list that isn’t complete without workers who are stationed Read more
What Is Europe’s Busiest Cruise Port
Everybody loves to take a cruise now and then, because they offer the best of both worlds. You get the Read more
How Deep Is Lake Superior
When it comes to interesting bodies of water on Earth, Lake Superior is definitely one which comes up in conversation Read more
Do Pirates Still Exist
I’m going to ask you to close your eyes for a second, conjure the image of a pirate in your Read more
NAVTEX Receiver as part of GMDSS equipmnet
Navigating the high seas has become much safer and easier because of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. It Read more
ETA & ETD in Shipping
In maritime transport, it is often difficult to accurately determine the time of arrival or even departure of a vessel Read more
ship crew members receive provision
To operate the vessel properly, a minimum number of crew members is required. The number varies depending on the factors Read more
ship red painting below the waterline
Ships traveling through water create resistance to their forward motion. This resistance is called drag and is caused by the Read more
Maersk Bentonville - Down by the head
Ships operate in a liquid medium- water, which means their profile in the water they operate in determines how they Read more
Cargo Hatch Covers
An implied condition for the safe carriage of goods at sea is that such cargoes shall be delivered, as far Read more
Forward Draft or Draught of the Ship
A ship’s ability to navigate safely through a particular area of water depends on how the ship “sits” in the Read more
Ship with full deck timber cargo
According to Naval architects, ships must always be capable of dealing with a wide range of external and internal factors Read more
The construction and functionality of maritime boats and offshore constructions are governed by and upheld by the ship classification society, Read more
Just like government entities governing rules for citizens, certain laws govern the rules for ships and offshore structures which are Read more
We've all wondered how much a ship weighs and may have come across phrases like gross tonnage, net tonnage, displacement, Read more
Ship Hull Markings
You might have spotted the symbolic representation and alphabet regardless of their dimensions and location on different vessels. These ship Read more
Design Approval for Hyundai Heavy Industry Hi-Rotor
The Rotor sail was named after the German aviation engineer and inventor Anton Flettner, who started developing the rotor sail Read more
aft peak tank diagram
Have you ever wondered what the interior of a commercial ship hull looks like? What might be the different subdivisions, Read more
What Is Anchoring In Deep Water
Ship anchoring is one of the ship’s critical operations. This is being performed either in shallow or deep water. Anchoring Read more
Maritime Radar On Navigational Bridge
Though marine radars are indispensable equipment on the bridge, it still has their own limitations. Knowing this allows the Officer Read more
Every ship is required by international law to be registered in a country known as its flag state. Registration, the Read more
Enclosed Space Entry
Despite the fact that the risks associated with entry into enclosed spaces on ships are well known and discussed extensively Read more
ship in dry dock
The efficiency of a ship is determined by how well all the ship's machinery and operating systems are maintained. To Read more
Sea transport has been the primary mode of transport for international trade for centuries and remains a popular mode of Read more
Port State Control and MoU
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), 1994, Regulation 90, grants the right to all states Read more
Reverse type stern of a ship
The stern can be defined as the aftmost section of a vessel. It is the backmost part of a vessel Read more
Ship drawing with draft marks
The LCB, the longitudinal center of buoyancy, and the LCF, the longitudinal center of flotation play a huge role in Read more
ship in dry dock
The keel of a boat is an essential part of the structure of a vessel. It keeps the vessel stable Read more
One aspect of a ship that needs additional consideration during design and construction is the hull. In the development of Read more
Due to modern facilities and automation, a vessel will be equipped with various different advanced navigation equipment systems. Each of Read more
ship crew members receive provision
The task of ship’s store replenishment appeared with the commencement of navigation thousands of years ago. With the increase in Read more
One of the many tough decisions sometimes required to be taken by shipmasters is deliberately grounding a ship, an act Read more
The production of automobiles has become an increasingly worldwide business, which has led to a growth in the demand for Read more
Ships float higher in saltwater
Merchant ships are purposely built to carry cargo, but for safety reasons, there is a need to set a legal Read more
Seafarers hold a variety of professions and ranks, and each of these roles carries unique responsibilities, which are integral to Read more
big container ship in port
Ships are among the oldest means of transport in the world. Although they are associated with transporting goods, modern ships Read more
Signal Flags on Sailing Ship
Nautical flags can have an array of meanings as they are being used and displayed onboard. It can be used Read more
The importance of International Shore Connection can’t only be appreciated for normal use but for emergency purposes and when the Read more
Hand flares - pyrotechnics on ships
Pyrotechnics is an important part of life-saving equipment onboard. It may prove useful in the event of an emergency. There Read more
Ever Alot – The World Largest Container Ship
The need to transport goods in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner by avoiding delays in ports and optimizing the Read more
Containership as option to work on merchant vessel
The term decarbonization simply means removing carbon dioxide and in the maritime industry, decarbonization focuses on moving away from traditional Read more
Autonomous cargo vessels also called Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) are those vessels that are not manned by the crew Read more
In the beginning, during the mid-19th century, primary shipping propulsion began with the renewable energy of sail power, then to Read more
Officer on Navigational Watch
While diving into the future technologies in the maritime industry let's implement what exactly it stands for. The technological future Read more
MV Vassos at shipyard
Ship launching is a highly detail-driven and extremely labor-intrinsic division falling under the entire process of ship construction. To this Read more
Shipboard cargo damage can occur for several reasons. These include accidents caused by moisture, flooding, or rainwater. Moisture damage, however, Read more
MV Vassos at shipyard
Shipbuilding is a detailed process that involves complex design and production aspects. There are a set of stages followed by Read more
A steering gear system is a group of equipment working together for the sole purpose of providing direction for the Read more
The center of gravity and the center of buoyancy are both theoretical points in an object. Both these points are Read more
MOL Comfort container ship breaks in two parts
Parametric rolling is a dynamic instability caused due to combination of various factors when a vessel is in motion. A Read more
The Williamson Turn Diagram
Manoverboard occurs when a person falls in the water while working, being washed by big waves, or because of a Read more
Seafarers, particularly the bridge officers, always need to know the two most important information onboard a ship. The heading or Read more
According to U.S Geological Surveys, about 71 percent of the world or earth’s surface is covered by water bodies, and Read more
Piracy is not just a problem that has been left to history. Many aspects of modern life still have to Read more
Tugboat races, commonly known as tug races, are competitions among tugs that involve a one-mile-long race among other events. The Read more
There are lots of different types of boats out there, but keeping track of all of them is a pretty Read more
Signaling for help is an important skill to learn no matter who you are, as it's impossible to predict when Read more
If you are interested in maritime navigation, then chances are you have heard the term ‘boxing the compass.’ But what Read more
Boat safety is critical, which is why every vessel must have a personal flotation device (PFD) installed. There are several Read more
Ships are one of the largest examples of human engineering seen on our planet. Having been around for centuries, the Read more
Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Throughout history, man has used ocean resources to supplement those found on land. From the relentless hunt for the giant Read more
Down on the docks, a lot of different phrases and words get thrown around: port, starboard, fairway, lanyard, gunwale, tides. Read more
Buying a boat is not a decision to make lightly. Boats of any kind are likely to set you back Read more
Lots of people like to spend time beside the water and many like to spend time in, or on, the Read more
marine forecast to be checked before sailing in open sea
These days mariners have accurate weather forecasts at their fingertips. The science of meteorology, weather forecasting, and the tools we Read more
When we think about the items we use every day, it's easy to overlook how those items arrived at our Read more
Containership as option to work on merchant vessel
Have you ever dreamed of a life at sea, seeing nothing but the ocean in all directions and visiting exotic Read more
When it comes to transporting goods, containers are a vital part of the process. But just how secure are they Read more
The ship's turning circle has it is own characteristics that influence maneuverability and must be taken into account. Maneuvering is Read more
Do ships have parking brakes? Of course, they do! Ships cannot be secured at the pier without mooring winches. These Read more
Have you ever seen a ship? Have you ever wondered what the heavy equipment mounted on it? Well, they are Read more
Typical small chemical tanker
Different factors affect a navigating vessel whether she is in port or in the open sea. These include current, swell, Read more
Officer on Navigational Watch
The Captain of the ship has to start somewhere at the beginning of his/her career. It is in the cadetship Read more
Officer on Navigational Watch
The practice of ship navigation is essential for safe and efficient maritime transportation. It is a system that ensures that Read more
International shipping makes Global trade possible by facilitating the exchange of manufactured goods and raw materials between countries. Carrying over Read more
Garbage managment and sorting on ship
Managing the garbage onboard is one of the most important operations as it can directly affect the environment as well Read more
steel armed hose and oil spill drill onboard
As all are aware by now, operations onboard a merchant vessel can be very hazardous and dangerous to the crew. Read more
“It takes practice to be good at something” is a common quote that we hear every day. Onboard, for the Read more
A spillage of dangerous goods occurring on a ship can be a frightening and dangerous situation. It is therefore important Read more
An important aspect of transporting cargoes by ship is the prevention of damage to the cargo and avoidance of its Read more
Chemical tankers play a vital role in moving chemical cargoes which are normally in liquid form around the world. These Read more
IMDG Code published in two Volumes
Did you know that more than 50% of cargo transported by sea falls under the hazardous goods category? Dangerous goods Read more
How much does a typical pontoon boat weigh? How much would it cost to build a pontoon boat? What kind Read more
How would you react if someone asked you to winterize a boat? Would you panic or simply shrug off the Read more
The shipping industry plays a crucial role in transporting goods from production points to consumers. Some products are perishable and Read more
Buying a new bass boat can cost thousands of dollars, and if you are looking for a bass boat with Read more
A great boat trip should be smooth, safe, and fun. That’s where the Jon Boat comes in. The Jon Boat Read more
Do you feel uneasy catching sight of an abandoned shipwreck, submerged in the ocean or a lake? Do you feel Read more
Maritime Mean?
When speaking about the history of colonial empires or explorations that circumnavigate the globe, there are a few words that Read more
aft mooring station
There are times when a ship needs to dock at a particular berth terminal. She will either load/discharge a cargo, Read more
How Fast Can A Boat Go
A voyager who has ever encountered tremendous waves or heavy wind riding in a boat must have observed how a Read more
cruise ship on route from oslo to kiel
The same name can be used by different shipowners and sometimes it makes some confusion when two ships with the Read more
cruise ship on route from oslo to kiel
The New York Times records that approximately 16 ships sunk between 1980 and 2012. One of the most tragic accidents Read more
Whether you are a brand new boater or you simply have an interest in learning more about boats, then you Read more
AIS or Automatic Identification System is one of the newest bridge equipment used by merchant mariners. As long as it Read more
An embarkation ladder is one of the deck equipment, often used by the crew to board a lifeboat or used Read more
The ship’s anchor is important deck equipment used in anchorage or to secure the ship whilst at the port. The Read more
Reading nautical charts can raise many questions that directly affect the correctness of the decision. One of the main tasks Read more
The need to provide an efficient cargo hold ventilation system on ships to ensure the quality of transported items is Read more
20 Different Boat Types An Easy Guide On Types Of Boats
There are more different kinds of boats than one can imagine. Unpowered, motorboats, and sailboats are the three basic categories Read more
10 Largest Oil Tanker Companies in the World
Although there has been a boom in the industry of renewable energy companies, the global market is still massively dependent Read more
Ships float higher in saltwater
Sailing in rivers and open sea, you may notice that your ship is floating higher in saltwater or what is Read more
Ships, over the years, have increased in length, width, height, and cargo-carrying capacity. Despite the immense size, the ballast system Read more
Bulbous Bow of a ship
The foremost part of a vessel is called the bow of a ship. The first thing anyone notices when a Read more
Wheelhouse Poster
The Wheel House poster is an indispensable material on the bridge as it provides necessary information for the Bridge personnel Read more
Ship underway in shallow waters
Grounding is one of the many accidents that happen onboard. This occurs when the bottom hull of the ship touches Read more
Different Parts Of Ship And Its Function
Have you ever wondered about the materials used to construct ships or about the ship's primary components? A ship is Read more
Typical small chemical tanker
Are you curious about the speed of a cargo ship steaming worldwide? Most of the ships seem to be very Read more
Oil rigs are an important part of the oil and gas industry. They are large structures with facilities to extract Read more
The Gulf of Mexico is an ocean basin that is next to the United States' southern coast. It is bordered Read more
Purchasing goods and services online from an e-commerce website starts when you make an order and ends when you receive Read more
Whenever cargo has to be loaded on or discharged from a vessel, the vessel has to be parked and fastened Read more
The structure of a ship is subject to strain during loading and bad weather conditions. The strain or load likely Read more
Aquaphobia Fear Of Water
Do you experience fear when crossing a bridge that makes you hold the rails to the end? Probably, you fear Read more
Ship Sheer
The word "sheer" in a vessel comes from the old Dutch word which implies implies “upturn”. In simple words, it Read more
As the shipping industry was expanding in the early 2000s, there was a need for vessels more efficient than Panamax-designed Read more
Grounding is one of many possible accidents that a vessel encounters. This happens when the bottom of the ship touches Read more
The ability of a ship to turn tightly and come exactly on the new intended track after altering course is Read more
For a ship to be commercially viable for carrying cargo the spaces on board need to be optimally utilized. This Read more
The merchant navy is a vital part of the global economy, transporting goods and materials around the world. Merchant ships Read more
Although maritime transport is relatively a safe mode of transportation, accidents still do happen, and whenever these occur, there are Read more
International law requires ships to carry documents and certificates attesting to their compliance with various international conventions. The documents and Read more
The Colregs are the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. They are a set of information, advice, guides, and Read more
At any point pondered remaining close to a port or a marina, contemplating a large number of delightful motor yachts, Read more
The first bulk carrier "John Bowes" was launched in 1852, and since then this type of vessel has been actively Read more
Dry Bulk vessel discharging
The shipping industry and world fleet are continuously growing. According to UNCTAD data, in 2021 the total deadweight of ships Read more
Dry Bulk vessel discharging
Carriage of the cargo by sea transport starts with planning and searching for an appropriate cargo vessel. A ship must Read more
The free surface of any confined space can be defined as the interface between two different states of matter and Read more
Typical small chemical tanker
Racking can be defined as a motion-induced shear stress deformation formed on the hull structure due to the external wave Read more
Shell plating can be defined as the exterior surface of a hull that is in contact with the external environment Read more
Corrugated Bulkheads In Ships
Bulkheads in ships can be defined as the vertical separations on a vessel that run both transversely and longitudinally. Their Read more
Pivot Point of the ship
Pivot pointed can be defined as the imaginary point about a vessel's centerline about which the vessel is pivoted while Read more
The materials utilized in the field of boat building have advanced during the times from the most common unrefined components Read more
The phenomenon of dry bulk cargo liquefaction is now receiving much attention from industry stakeholders because it has now been Read more
Ever wondered how a massive structure like a cruise ship doesn’t tip over even though having a huge volume outside Read more
Pilots, police officers, military officials, and maritime officers communicate through radio and phone calls. The recipients need to receive the Read more
An officer of the watch needs very important information during his watch and voyage. These are position and course/heading. For Read more
The ocean is vast and unpredictable. There are many things that can go wrong when navigating through the sea. If Read more
The marine environment plays a crucial role in making human life better. The equipment used in the marine world is Read more
Ship transport is among the three main modes of transportation that are useful for large-scale transportation of goods and services Read more
big catch at deep-sea fishing
I normally put on my protective gear when going for deep sea fishing. If you want to join this as Read more
Asphalt and bitumen tankers are specialized tankers designed for the carriage of liquified asphalt or bitumen at temperatures up to Read more