What Is Tubing?



When it comes to water sports and activities, there will always be something new and interesting for you to experience and try out. While it is great if you have found one thing which you love and want to stick out, it is always good to try new things and see what they have to offer.

One of the newer water activities which plenty of people love is tubing. There is more to this water activity than you would initially imagine, so we will be going over everything you need to know about tubing in this article!

What Is Tubing

We will cover the gear which you will need, what the activity involves, and anything you might want to know before you dive in and get started.

So, if you are interested in tubing and want to have the best time possible when you do it, keep on reading!

Guide To Tubing

Essentially tubing was invented accidentally, but since this was done, it has become massively popular and is now something plenty of people want to do as soon as the summer sun comes out.

It is one of the most relaxing things you can do in the water and gives you the freedom to do whatever you want while enjoying the unique setting of the water. Compared to some other water activities, it does not need a massive amount of space either, so you will not need to travel far to do it.

While this activity of course sounds incredibly relaxing and like something everyone can do easily, there are still some things you will need to do to prepare yourself and to make sure you have so you have the best time tubing possible.

There are some things you may have not even considered needing to know like the best water conditions, the best gear, and how you can be safe while tubing!

Different Ways Of Tubing

Different Ways Of Tubing

When it comes to tubing, there are two very unique ways of doing this which are not similar by any means, and depending on which one you choose, you may have a very different experience.

The first method we are discussing is towed tubing. This will be when your tube is connected to a watercraft which is motorized, this method is occasionally referred to as boating as well. You will need to hold on tight to the tube and you will be carried along by the watercraft.

This is incredibly exciting and fun, and is perfect if you want a bit more adventure involved with our tubing. This method however, will need more space due to the watercraft carrying you, so it is not as simple to do, and you will need to find somewhere where it is allowed.

Then there is free float tubing. This method is much more aimed at relaxation and you can simply lie back in your tube with a drink and just free float wherever you want to go. You will need a tube as well, but other than this you do not need anything else.

Sometimes this is done in a more open space, while sometimes it is done down gentle rivers where the current carries you along. You will simply use your hands and legs for steering, and you can take a break wherever you want.

Renting And Buying Tubes

If you have never done tubing before, especially free float tubing you will likely not have bought anything for it, and this means you will need to consider the purchase and whether you would prefer to buy or rent.

With tow tubing this is not as much of an issue unless you are doing it yourself, however most people do this with a company which will provide the service, so renting a tube is not really an issue here.

If it is your first time tubing, and you are not sure how much you enjoy it yet, we strongly recommend not purchasing anything your first time and instead renting to see how much you enjoy the activity.

Renting is a lot less risky and will save you a lot of money your first time. Depending on the conditions you are tubing in, you may need to rent a life jacket, and a helmet, but these are more intended for tow tubing than free float. However, if free floating, a life jacket may be necessary depending on the setting.

If you have purchased your own tube and you want to use it, make sure you bring something which is good for inflating it quickly with, otherwise you will stuck inflating it yourself which can be tiring and will take a lot of effort.

Tubing Tips

When you are tow tubing, you will likely not have to worry about much since you will be taken everywhere you need to go, and most of the safety instructions will be given directly to you. 

However, with free floating there is more to consider, especially if you have rented a tube. If this is a case, you will want to plan where you are tubing and then consider how simple it will be for you to return to your original destination.

If you are following a current for example, sometimes you can end up very far from your starting point and you may need to carry your tube all the way back.

There are ways to get around this like using a shuttle bus, or parking near the end of your route. This will usually require planning and co operation, so keep this in mind!

Also make sure that you are leaving nothing behind, whether this is bottles, packaging, or any debris from disposables you may bring with you tubing. This is good for the environment, but also ensured that you will not be damaging your tube.

Try to avoid any sharp objects or glass, these will easily puncture your tube, and if you are renting you could end up with a hefty fine!

Depending on where you are tubing, also ensure that the water quality is good as you will be spending a lot of time in it!

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