Top 10 Most Unusual Ships That Go To Sea At The Present Time



Ships are one of the largest examples of human engineering seen on our planet. Having been around for centuries, the creation of ships has transformed the way goods and people are transported across the globe.

Since the first ship was built, the way they look and operate has changed drastically over time.

Although the development of aviation was attempting to replace water transport, there are still ships actively transporting cargo and passengers as we speak.

Due to how technically advanced ships have become, ships are now appearing very unique in all different shapes and sizes.

Here are 10 of the most unusual ships currently in use today. Read on to find out what they are! 

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Vehicle Transport Ship

The commonly known Japanese company Kyokuyo managed to build an amazing ship bearing a proud name – City St.Petersburg. This unusual sea vessel is 140 meters long and has a mass of 21,000 tons.

The main purpose of this ship, as you can tell by the name, is to transport cars via sea. 

This ship has the capacity to carry more than 2,000 vehicles at a time. The ship only requires no more than 24 people in order to operate the vessel.

The bow section of the ship is made in a round shape which significantly contributes to air resistance. 

Stella Deneb

The Stella Deneb (until 2008-Deneb Prima) is the world’s largest livestock transport vessel. It was built in 1980 and has a length of 213.20m. Due to its enormous size, Stella Deneb has a gross capacity of 50.947 cattle.

MPI Adventure

These ships were primarily designed to withstand the threat of any sea calamity, even if it was very strong. The engine on the MPI Adventure can reach up to 2,000 hp making it rotary and nimble compared to slower ships.

Uniquely, this vessel has a feature that means it can stand on six “legs” above sea level like an oil rig. This feature of the ship endows it with the ability to withstand the threat of any natural disaster that occurs on the water. 

The MPI Adventure also has a sister ship called the MPI Discovery and they are used to house wind generators in the ocean that help to provide Europe with cheap ecologically clean energy.

Ranform Hyperion

Mitsubishi, famously known for its bikes and cars, designed the ship called Ramform Hyperion in 2017. As it has a wide stern, the vessel has a steady platform that can accommodate the most sensitive of equipment.

Ranform Hyperion is engaged in towing numerous sensors that are capable of covering an area of up to 12 sq. km. 

The ship has the ability to move almost silently on water, which eliminates the appearance of extraneous noises that would interfere with geolocation.

Once a vessel is engaged in reconnaissance and research work, other ships are not advised to approach the platform for less than 10 miles.

If the ship is pumped on water, you may feel a steady surface under your feet on Ramform Hyperion, which hardly swings.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is a powerful vessel that has impressive giant dimensions and is used to transport other vessels, oil platforms, and other large facilities.

The vessel is complete with a large lift that is capable of diving half into the water to transport oil platforms, oil rigs, or damaged warships. 

Blue Marlin provides 38 cabins, which can comfortably accommodate 60 people. Also, there is a warm-up room, a sauna, and a large supply of boats.

Like many ships, the Blue Marlin has a sister ship which is called the Black Marlin. These ships were built in the mid-2000 by the Offshore Shipbuilding Company.

Ship model of Seawise Giant or Knock Nevis or Jahre Viking

Knock Nevis

Oil is the main mineral that regulates the entire world industry. Carrying this precious, what they label as “black gold”, is far more profitable and economical on the water than in other ways.

Knock Nevis is the longest ship not only involved in oil transportation but also has the capacity to transport the Eiffel Tower. 

The tanker has a huge maximum carrying capacity of almost 565,000 tons. Conventional ships only have a carrying capacity of half this weight at 280,000 tons.

The length of the Knock Nevis is 458 meters which are very impressive. It can transport oil anywhere in the world worth more than 125 million American dollars at a time.

RV Flip

One of the most unique ships on this list, the ship is called the Flip due to its ability to submerge one part underwater to explore the sea bed. This means that it’s not exactly a vessel because it’s not capable of walking on water on its own.

The main purpose of the FLIP is to commit open ocean research. It has the capacity for several dozen people to live on the ship at the same time. The vessel is even equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life and research. 

Dockwise Vanguard

By kees torn – DOCKWISE VANGUARD, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Dockwise Vanguard is the world’s largest heavy lift vessel and was built in 2012. The massive vessel is 70% larger than any analogs and, unlike them, has an absolutely flat deck.

This means that the 70 meters of width and 275 meters of length can all be fully used for loading. She can carry up to 110,000 mt of cargo on her deck.

Additionally, the ship is also semi-submersible. By using watertight ballast tanks, the crew can lower the deck below the surface of the water.

This can be useful when the Vanguard has to capture floating cargo such as the capsized Costa Concordia vessel.


The Chikyu has the ability to scan the seabed up to 7km deep making it an important tool for Japanese scientists in understanding global geological changes.

It is currently monitoring seismogenic areas of the Earth’s crust in order to provide advance warnings of future earthquakes. 

Nexans Skagerrak

Nexans Skagerrak is considered to be one of the most advanced vessels for laying deep-sea cables to date. Its coil can hold on the order of 7000 tons of cable. 

The unique feature of the Nexans Skagerrak is its ability to lay large power cables. The coil diameter of this ship is as much as 29 meters.

Additionally, onboard are the latest systems that allow the cable to be laid in seas around the world with maximum accuracy and even in conditions of increased complexity. 

Now a new Cable Laying vessel (CLV) Nexans Aurora was under sea trials, operational test, and mobilization in 2022. Recently she take over the role of flagman ship at Nexans with her massive 10,000 carrying capacity and innovative technologies in submarine cable installations.

Kawasaki Develops Cargo Containment System With World’s Highest Carrying Capacity

This ship is designed to contain cryogenic liquefied hydrogen, reduced to a temperature of -253 degrees Celsius and one eight-hundred its initial volume, for shipping by the sea in large amounts.

The containment system on the ship has the largest capacity of its kind worldwide used in liquefied hydrogen marine transport.

The CCS was developed by using design, construction, and safety technologies fostered through the building of the SUISO FRONTIER.

Final Thoughts

That is the completed list of the top 10 most unusual ships that are still in use at this current time. From underwater ships to ones with legs, it is astonishing the features that these ships possess.

They have truly transformed and advanced the maritime industry.

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