Nautical Science

Do you feel uneasy catching sight of an abandoned shipwreck, submerged in the ocean or a lake? Do you feel squeamish seeing statues under the sea? Does viewing this photograph Read more
When speaking about the history of colonial empires or explorations that circumnavigate the globe, there are a few words that crop up more than most. A lot of these can Read more
There are times when a ship needs to dock at a particular berth terminal. She will either load/discharge a cargo, take in provisions or do bunkering procedures. When at the Read more
A voyager who has ever encountered tremendous waves or heavy wind riding in a boat must have observed how a boat heels at one side but rolls back to the Read more
The same name can be used by different shipowners and sometimes it makes some confusion when two ships with the same names are sailing in the same waters or staying Read more
The New York Times records that approximately 16 ships were sunk between 1980 and 2012. One of the most tragic accidents on sea happened in 1994 when the Estonia ship Read more
Whether you are a brand new boater or you simply have an interest in learning more about boats, then you have probably noticed that there are lots of different boating Read more
AIS or Automatic Identification System is one of the newest bridge equipment used by merchant mariners. As long as it is turned on for vessels in the vicinity, ships would Read more
An embarkation ladder is one of the deck equipment, often used by the crew to board a lifeboat or used as access to the life rafts. It is made of Read more
The ship’s anchor is important deck equipment used in anchorage or to secure the ship whilst at the port. The bitter end of the chain is connected to the chain Read more
Reading nautical charts can raise many questions that directly affect the correctness of the decision. One of the main tasks of a navigator, whether a duty officer on a merchant Read more
The need to provide an efficient cargo hold ventilation system on ships to ensure the quality of transported items is critical. Such a system is required to minimize the formation Read more
Although there has been a boom in the industry of renewable energy companies, the global market is still massively dependent on using and consuming oil. Across the world and as Read more
Sailing in rivers and open sea, you may notice that your ship is floating higher in saltwater or what is more important, the draft is smaller. This makes navigation safer Read more
Ships, over the years, have increased in length, width, height, and cargo-carrying capacity. Despite the immense size, the ballast system which is comprised of ballast tanks allows the ship to Read more
The foremost part of a vessel is called the bow of a ship. The first thing anyone notices when a vessel approach is its forward section. How profound it is Read more
The Wheel House poster is an indispensable material on the bridge as it provides necessary information for the Bridge personnel and Pilots. The Wheelhouse Poster is a large document posted Read more
Grounding is one of the many accidents that happen onboard. This occurs when the bottom hull of the ship touches the seabed. It can create damage to the vessel or Read more
Have you ever wondered about the materials used to construct ships or about the ship’s primary components? A ship is constructed of steel and composite materials and is composed of Read more
Are you curious about the speed of a cargo ship steaming worldwide? Most of the ships seem to be very slow for people not involved in the industry, but some Read more

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